Planning Your Closing Checklist

Your closing may be the last step in purchasing your new home, but it is the first step to your new chapter in life. Here is a list of things to prepare before your closing so that you are ready for what comes next.

Plan renovations

It is not that often that you buy a home that is 100% move-in ready or completely the way that you want it. If you are planning on doing some work to the home then don’t wait until after you close to begin making necessary arrangements. You can bring contractors with you at a private appointment or at your walkthrough so that you don’t lose any time getting things planned out.

Set up utilities

Don’t just assume that there will be utility service at the home when you move in. There could be a lapse in service as you also don’t know when the previous owner canceled their accounts. The best plan of action is to notify utility companies well in advance of the closing and set up accounts to begin on the day you take ownership.

Change locks

You never know who has a key to the home from the previous owner. Their friends, family, contractors or the like could have copies that work on all of the doors. A good rule of thumb is to change the locks after moving in and take this opportunity to key all doors alike if they weren’t already.

Professional cleaners

There is nothing worse than showing up with your movers with tons of boxes and furniture only to find out that the home is not clean. Assume the worst and schedule a company to do a good cleaning so that you aren’t moving your furniture in and placing it on filthy floors. Even if the previous owners did clean as a courtesy it may not be up to your standards.

Locate a handyman

You may have cleaners and movers in place for the move, but when you get settled with hanging wall art or even swapping out ceiling fans you will most likely need the assistance of a handyman. If you don’t have one already this can be a good ice breaker to ask the neighbors who they use.