Renovate or Just Sell? 6 Reasons Why Selling As-Is May Be Best

Once you have decided that you want to make a move, then you need to take a hard look at your home and begin preparing it for sale. There are the obvious tasks for anyone of decluttering and cleaning, but what about any projects that may be in need? Certainly any functional issues such as leaky roofs, plumbing or the like should be fixed, but what about updates? Here is a closer look at why renovations may not be best before selling.

ROI may not be realized

Many times a renovation may not pay off right away. A kitchen or bathroom renovation are the ones that typically have the most impact, yet they are expensive, time consuming and can interrupt your lifestyle. Chances are that you may want to put your focus on making sure they are in tip top shape rather than redoing them. 

Renovations are stressful

Even if you have more than 1 bathroom to use while you renovate one of your others, the mess and organization of it all can really be a headache. Especially when you are hiring a contractor instead of doing it yourself, you are at the mercy of their time frame. Historically speaking, contractors are not noted for finishing jobs early either!

Remove guesswork

Renovating will require you to make certain decisions about a space, its function and aesthetics. However, it is hard not to put some of your own spin things as you plan. This may not always be best as instead of the new counters you may replace, a future buyer may have preferred building in a breakfast bar for their family’s needs instead. 

Move on

There may be some projects or improvements that you always wished to have done. Maybe it was changing out a plain interior door with a French door, or adding a larger window to your eating area. Whatever it may be, focus on doing these personal projects in your new home instead.

Curb appeal

While the inside of your home needs to be clean and presentable, none of that is going to matter if you don’t address the outside. Especially here in Fort Lauderdale, the outside of your home is additional living space all year round so be sure it is looking perfect and inviting. If you decide to do anything other than sprucing up the landscaping, consider something you can take to your new home like a nice new outdoor patio set. 

Clean versus new

It is one thing if you have older flooring or appliances. However, if they are clean and in good working order then they will be far less offensive to any potential buyer. Not everyone will have the funds to renovate when they first buy your home, but if everything is clean and in good shape, they will feel that they could easily live with it until they can afford to do a project.