6 Reasons Why Decluttering Sells Homes

It happens to the best of us. Over the years we all accumulate more and more belongings as we fill our garages, closets and sheds with items that we feel we need. However, when the time comes to sell your home for whatever reason it may be, some “spring cleaning” should be done as you rid your home of the things that you really don’t need anymore. Here are 6 reasons why it is very important to declutter your home before you list it for sale.

Buyer vision

Keep your decor to a minimum. Essentially you want just enough for the home to feel warm and inviting. Rid your rooms and walls of too many decorations, photos and certainly anything too personal. It can be hard enough for buyers to envision how to use a space, but it makes it even more difficult if they are seeing family photos and memorabilia. 

Create the illusion of space

Rooms and closets that are jam packed with furniture, clothing and belongings will always appear smaller and less accommodating. Thin everything out as you declutter even if this means removing some of your bulky clothing that you may not need right now and storing it elsewhere or simply donating it if you don’t need it anymore. This will only lighten the load when moving!

Staged homes photograph better

Simply put, well-staged homes sell faster and it all starts with great photography to gain the interest of buyers. The better your home is staged, then the better it will translate when photographed which can only help increase your buyer traffic from the get go. 

Maximize counter space

This can be challenging. Especially for those who use their kitchens for lots of cooking or as a catch all place for all mail, paperwork and daily items. However, keeping those counters free of items and clean for all showings can really help show off your counter space. Keep all unnecessary appliances stored away and pick a drawer or cabinet to file your mail away in.

Set the tone for buyers

Perception is reality, let’s face it. If buyers see that your home is messy and unkempt, you are only begging them to think “what else has been neglected?” A clean and orderly home will provide the illusion that it is very well maintained from soup to nuts regardless of the truth!

Showcase the home, not your possessions

This holds true especially if your furniture or decor is “taste specific.” In the end, buyers are purchasing your home, not your couch and wall art. It is best to keep everything as neutral as possible as you want them to to envision living there and not be distracted by personal items. If any rooms are painted loud or daring colors, it may be best to invest in a quick paint job to freshen things up and create more of a neutral palette.