6 Home Features That Sell It

While every home is different, they all cater to the same common needs of buyers in today’s marketplace. Every home is going to have a kitchen, one or several bathrooms and the essentials, but there are some specifics in design today that bring your home from “let me think about it” to “I must have it.” Here is a closer look at what is ranking high among home buyers these days to see if your home can be sold as-is or if you should do some adjustments. 

Gourmet Kitchen

This should not be news to anyone that kitchens remain as one of the top focal points of the home. However, a kitchen that is updated, spacious and has plenty of counter and cupboard space is sure to help sell your home faster and increase its value. Common amenities that will also bring your kitchen to gourmet level include double ovens, a microwave drawer, stone or stainless counterparts, an island or bar counter and some form of a pantry. 

Open Floor Plan

In some cases this is more challenging to obtain than others. However, an open floor plan allows for a larger feel, makes the home brighter and can be more accommodating when hosting larger groups. If your home doesn’t inherently have an open floor plan, check with a reputable contractor for ideas on how you can achieve this. Sometimes walls can come down or doorways can be enlarged for simple solutions. 

Backyard Patio/Deck

Where South Florida living is so conducive to the outdoors for most of the year, creating a true backyard oasis is surely going to be an extension of your living space. Materials like pavers or composite decking can be good options for their look and care. 

Crown Molding

This is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to add character and warmth to your home. Bring your simple rooms to elegance and a higher level of craftsmanship with some interesting crown molding.

Vegetable Garden/Fruiting Plants

Aside from having a beautifully landscaped yard, having a designated vegetable garden or fruiting trees can be a value add. Everyone today is becoming more health conscious and home grown fruits and vegetables are a winner for anyone at any age. 

Mother Nature Preparedness

Especially in South Florida, tropical storms are a fact of life. There are many ways to add protection to your home to weather the elements. From high impact doors and windows to roof strapping to built in home generators, any of these additions will be sought after by today’s buyers.