6 Reasons Why Decluttering is Crucial

Most everyone will accrue more than they need to over time in the way of personal items, tools, nick nacks and general belongings. What this all accounts for is too much clutter in your home. While this may not be a problem for you in your day to day life, it certainly can be when it comes time to sell your home. Here are 6 strong reasons as to why decluttering is one of the most important things you can do.

Buyer Vision

Keeping everything neutral is always best. Buyers want to envision themselves living in the home and that may be difficult with family photos, rare doll collections or anything that is “taste specific.” You don’t want to distract buyers with these things nor do you want to make them think too much work is needed to get the home more towards a neutral palette. 

Illusion of space

By getting rid of unnecessary or bulky furniture, donating older clothing from your closets and tossing all of the old food in your pantry that is past its expiration date you will make your rooms and storage areas seem more spacious. Holding on to more than you need will make everything feel cramped and smaller than it really is.


It all starts with photos. Almost everyone who decides they are interested in seeing your home in person will see it online first. Good photos will certainly entice them to tour the home in person and the better the home looks physically, the better it will photograph. 

Counter space

This is key. Everyone wants a kitchen that they can prepare a good meal in with plenty of counter space. Show off how much space you have by putting away almost everything except for the utmost essentials. This may mean putting that large toaster oven away which may be a pain, but it can help showcase the space much better to buyers. 

Perception is reality

In other words, if your home looks messy and cluttered, then most will think it is probably not well cared for even if that is not the truth. You don’t want anyone thinking that “if this is how the home looks, then I wonder what else was left uncared for.”

Allow your home to sell itself 

Finally, don’t let your personal items get in the way of the home selling itself. In most cases the buyers aren’t purchasing your couch and coffee table so don’t let those get in the way of showing buyers just how large and enjoyable your living room is. Keep things to a minimum and if anything add neutral accessories to warm things up and appeal to the largest audience possible.