Foolproof List For Preparing Your Home For Sale in 30 Days

If you are motivated to prepare your home for sale in 30 days then you will need to craft a plan. Your master checklist will help you stay on track with your action items that includes employing a reliable team to complete what needs to be done and doing it in a well thought order. Here is a sample plan of what you can follow over a four week period if you are looking to sell soon.


Week One


Contact your real estate agent – One of the first things to do is contact your agent and get the ball rolling for the listing process. Get on your agent’s radar and discuss logistics.

Perform a walkthrough – Walk through your home with your agent. Have their professional eyes view your home as you decide on what needs to get done for listing.

Establish a list price – Confirm with your agent what the appropriate list price should be using the comps provided. 

Budget for updates – Based on the list of updates created during your walkthrough, put some dollar figures next to each item as you establish a budget for the projects.

Hire contractors – Schedule contractors for any items that need to be contracted out.


Week Two


Declutter – Eliminate as much excess as possible. Focus on your primary rooms like kitchen, main living areas, master and bathroom. If you must keep things then place them in well stacked bins and stow in secondary areas like a garage, carport or guest room.

Depersonalize – When decluttering you will want to remove all personal items including family photos, awards or anything monogrammed. Pack these away in closets or bins.

Update fixtures/hardware – Lighting fixtures and hardware on cabinets or vanities can be a small cost to replace. If you have worn or outdated ones, consider the small investment of replacement.

Remedy DIY projects – Squeaky doors, leaky faucets or ripped screens are all things you can usually tackle on your own. Save some money and address the issues that you can yourself.

Freshen paint – Touch up any glaring imperfections or repaint your kid’s bright pink bedroom to a neutral color that appeals to the masses. 

Stage – Show off your home’s best potential and set up your furniture accordingly. It may not serve you best to remove the leaf from your dining room table, but if it makes your home feel more accommodating then it is a wise idea.


Week Three


Purchase flowers – Flowers add life and interest. Pick up some seasonally appropriate flowers or small plants to fill in any gaps in your landscaping.

Mulch beds/plant – When planting flowers or shrubs add some fresh mulch to your beds to give a well maintained and manicured look. Bags of mulch are a cheap, easy way to elevate your home’s appearance.

Paint front door – As the main focal point for all visitors and buyers, freshen that entryway with a coat of paint.

Powerwash – Get rid of mold, pollen and grime off of walkways or patios.

Stage outdoor space – Everyone loves enjoying time outside just as much as inside. Set up a nice entertaining area with some furniture warmed up with an outdoor carpet.


Week Four

Deep clean – Once all of your projects and staging has been completed, it is time for a deep cleaning. Wipe down cabinets, window sills, appliances and even shelving.

Prepare for photos – Put away things like pet beds and put out things like a vase of flowers. Now is also a good time to make sure light bulbs match and consider which areas should be focused on for photos.

Finalize realtor – Complete all paperwork, disclosures and pull together all home warranties and the like that may be an asset to your home’s systems.

Finishing touches – Do a final scan of the home for any finishing touches like toss pillows or the like. Create a short list of action items to do to prep before each showing.

List! – Congratulations, you are now ready to list your home for sale!