How To Create Your “Zoom Room”

Prior to this year there was a different set of criteria or features that buyers were looking for in their next home. Perhaps it was limited to things like certain countertops or a den with an oversized flat-screen TV and surround sound. This year has been a slight game changer for what people are looking for. Welcome, the Zoom room. A Zoom room is a dedicated space in your home that you can comfortably video conference for work, school or connect with family in alternate locations. This area should be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and separate enough from any other home occupants or noises that may interfere with online meetings. Some sellers these days are even marketing their homes as having this dedicated space. Here are some tips on how to create this space in your home. 

Locate the area

First, locate a perfect spot within your home. Things to keep in mind include an area that Wi-Fi is strong so that your video is not compromised. Next, make sure it is in an area that is quiet from the main part of the home. Ideas may include a guest room, nook in a bedroom or dining room. Folding room dividers can also be helpful if you find it difficult to section off an area.


Regardless of whether you are going to video chat with a boss, coworker, client or even a family member it is good to keep things in order and tidy. Make sure your room is free of any clutter that may be viewed by the camera. 

Create a background

Your background is one of the most important factors in creating your Zoom room. An ideal background is professional or “office-like” perhaps with a bookshelf and some art. While it is nice to inject some personal things that make it customized to you, it is wise to also keep things neutral and not distracting. 


There is definitely the right amount of lighting for the camera. Too dim or too bright can be problematic so try to benefit from the natural light from a nearby window. Supplemental task lighting should be kept at a slight distance to avoid unwanted glare. 


While not many people will be seeing your chair, it is key to have the right one. Meetings can be long so you will want to be comfortable. Additionally, the right height is helpful. You don’t want to be too high or too low where you have to crane your neck to look up. Chairs with wheels are also helpful so you can slide quietly as you may need to reach for a file or the like.