Creating a Calming Zone at Home

The way we view our homes has slightly changed over the past year. Nowadays everyone is looking for things like more space, a place for working at home, perhaps a home gym and now a space dedicated to meditation or relaxation. This may be a corner of a guest room or even a shed in the backyard. Here are some great ideas for how you can create a calming zone like this within your home.

Identify the location

First, you must find the perfect location for this relaxation retreat. While the space does not need to be huge, you should definitely search for something that offers some privacy. This could be sectioning off a part of a guest room or finding a spot that is mostly unused in or outside of the home.

Keep it simple

You will want a space that offers comfort where you can sit or lie, but don’t crowd it with too much else. Keeping things minimal with a cozy chair and pillows is a good place to start. Then make sure it is kept tidy and free of distractions like harsh colors, mirrors and even family photos. 

Appeal to the senses

It is all about pleasant elements that make you feel happy and relaxed. Warm or soft lighting for what you see, soothing music or white noise like rain for what you hear and perhaps some nice scented candles for what you smell. Pillows or throw blankets that are soft to the touch can also be a nice add.

Leverage nature

If a semi outdoor location is an option that can be best as you connect with nature. If not, you can bring the outdoors inside. A room with a large window to the garden or having many plants around can create a more natural and calming environment. 

Add calming details

Other than these elements that make the room meditation ready, consider some personal touches that take it one step further. It may be that you make the room feel more like a spa if that environment makes you feel most relaxed. Perhaps if your home has a view of a nearby park that you like then you set up your room where you can view it best. Whatever elements that speak to you personally that are calming should be factored into your design.