Moving Tips For Getting Settled Quickly

Once you have closed on your new home then the final step is to grab your new keys and move in. While you may have some help with movers, friends and relatives to put everything away in its place, it can take a while for the space to feel like a home. Here are some tips for getting your new home all set up quickly. 

Plan Utilities Ahead

Don’t wait until you move to line up all of the services that you will need in your new home. Schedule your internet, utilities, trash and any other services that you will be needing ahead of your move in. Most companies will have a flexible schedule to book things once you have taken possession of the home. Don’t forget to change your mailing address online too!

Create a Playlist

Studies have shown that music can help motivate people which is certainly helpful when moving. Make a playlist ahead of time so that when you are putting away your dishes and unpacking miscellaneous boxes then you have a boost in your step to keep things going. 

Unpack in Order

It pays to be organized and think ahead when you are packing to move. Many people will pack similar things together and simply label boxes with a room name or perhaps reference some major items inside. However, take it one step further and number the boxes in order of how they should be unpacked. Box number 1 should be opened right away while box number 3 may be dealt with later and can be left in the garage until you have more time.


Moving quickly and efficiently is great but planning out some breaks will help reward and recharge. For example if you can plan on having that pizza with everyone who helped you move for dinner then you can have that to look forward to and will help keep you going. Maybe you can even enjoy it out on your new patio or screen room!

Recruit Friends

More hands will always help move faster. If you can plan a move during the weekend or save part of it for then, then you will probably have a better chance of getting help from your friends. You could have movers help with the bulky items then your friends could help with some of the more manageable boxes. Whatever you decide make sure you are clear on what you are asking them for and be sure to reward them with dinner or the like.