7 Things That Can Make a Home “Smart”

There comes a time when a homeowner will want to update their home in one way or another. Reasons can be to add value for a potential sale or even to just make things nicer to enjoy day to day. Smart technology is a newer way to enhance your home to make it more efficient, secure and even more eco-friendly. Here is a closer look at some ways your home can leverage technology. 

Heating and Cooling

We used to think that programming our thermostats was a great idea when they became popular years ago. Today, smart thermostats not only look cool, but they can be managed with voice control or even adjusted remotely via an app. Some can even heat or cool your home in anticipation of your arrival which all helps in controlling your energy usage and expense.


Similar to HVAC, lighting can be activated by motion, voice or via an app. Energy efficient and automated LED lighting can be great for creating your desired ambiance as well as enhancing your home’s security.


These days our appliances can also help make our lives easier. Wi-Fi refrigerators can alert you of low ice or if a door is left open. They can also help keep inventory of what needs replenishment. Some smart ovens and toasters can even be preheated via an app as you are on your way home!

Voice Control

No worries if you have your hands full or you aren’t near an actual control panel, voice activated elements add great convenience. Get instant access to news, weather and music with a simple voice command. You can tether lighting, appliances as well as HVAC control to these systems as well. 


Digital security in particular has become very popular. These are great especially for those who aren’t home much or may be seasonal residents. Camera surveillance via doorbells or hidden cameras help monitor activity in or around your home. Doors can also be locked and unlocked remotely via apps as well for added security and convenience.


Smart sprinklers are a great way to easily irrigate while adding efficiency and lower costs. These can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi and can also be scheduled and synchronized with weather apps so that you aren’t over watering when there is ample rain.


Perhaps for more convenience and luxury, having televisions, monitors, speakers and the like all working together and managed via an app or voice command is icing on the cake for the utmost in entertainment ease.