When You Know That You Found Your Dream Home

The process of buying a home does come with some detailed paperwork and qualification less exciting steps but the actual home searching can be quite fun. So how do you know when you step foot into a house and know it is the one? You may feel it, but here are some factors to consider before you submit that offer.

Must-Have Checklist

When you are doing your home searching, make sure you create a list of must-haves before you set out. Don’t confuse this from your want list. This will help you narrow down the homes that are worth taking a better look at. From there you may even want to rank the finalists for which you like best.


A home’s location is one of the most important things to consider as it is one thing you certainly cannot change. Consider if you want more of a quieter suburban setting or an urban in-town location where you may be able to walk to places. Whichever suits your lifestyle is most important.


It is important to know if the home fits your needs. Does it have enough bedrooms? Can you entertain like you may want to in the living room and kitchen? Might the home need renovating to be a better fit? Ponder these questions as you evaluate. 


Here is where you can rely more on a feeling. When you enter the home, does it make you feel “at home?” Or can you envision yourself very easily living there? If you already feel comfortable in it, that is a great sign that it can be a good fit.


Consider what you can do with the home to make it more suitable for you. Perhaps it is redecorating, or adding a room, deck or patio. Do some calculations to see if any of those projects would be worth it or if they would put you beyond your budget to make the home just right. If not, it may just be the perfect home for you!