4 Things To Consider When Making Your Best Offer

Are you in the market to buy a new home soon? While the market may have shifted making it more balanced than before, we are still amidst a seller’s market. Given the competitive landscape that still exists for buyers, here are some great tips to consider for when you make a move on submitting your offer. 

Consult Your Real Estate Agent

A local realtor such as myself will have the knowledge and experience to best guide you through the offer process. Work on considering your end goals and allow your agent to best help you get there. There can be some angles to work when you want to have a successful offer. 

Know Your Budget

Every buyer must be prequalified before engaging in an offer process. It is important to know your budget and what you can afford to spend and what a lender will give you in the way of a mortgage amount. You should also factor in other important expenses such as insurance and taxes so you know the amount that is comfortable for you to spend. 

Consider Everything Before Submitting Offer

The market today in general is not as fast paced as it was in recent years. This means you may have more time to consider what is important for you to have when you are crafting your offer. You may have more bargaining power these days than before so chances are you could ask for more of what you want rather than what you think the seller will take. Lean on your agent for best advice for the particular property and local market.

Negotiate Leveraging Agent’s Expertise

Sometimes there are more things to negotiate than just the price. It is less common for buyers for skip a home inspection or not ask for concessions from the seller these days where the landscape has changed. However, you can still consider massaging the deal in other ways such as offering optimal closing dates for the seller for you to agree to. Consult your real estate agent for ideas on attractive details you can line your offer with.