5 Great Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Energy efficient upgrades for your home are always going to be a great idea. The return on investment can be great as you have a regard for the planet, save money on energy costs and you can add value whenever it comes time to sell your home. Decide what is most important for updating in your own home and what works for your budget first, but otherwise here are some of the best ones that will help pad your wallet.

Attic insulation

True, it may not be an exciting upgrade as it is often something you don’t get to see, adding insulation to your attic can be an ideal way to save some money. The EPA estimates that homeowners could save approximately 15% on heating and cooling with effective insulation. 


If you have drafts coming through the corners of your windows it may be time to consider an upgrade. Even windows with good seals can transfer passive energy if the panes are not energy efficient. The EPA also estimates that you can save 15% annually on energy bills with energy efficient windows. 


Just like your windows, your doors can also be a big culprit for energy loss. Studies show leaky ones can be upwards or 40% energy loss. Similar to windows, you will want to have tight fitting doors that not only have strong seals for gaps but also are insulated to keep passive energy loss to a minimum.

Solar panels

Solar panels can be costly to install up front, but the long term gain is worth it. Usually the installation cost can be more than $15,000 but most homeowners will pay off their panels in eight years with the average panels lasting 25 years. 


Investing in a programmable thermostat has been proven to work well in terms of saving on energy bills. Energystar.com states that homeowners can save up to $180 per year on heating and cooling costs if you program your thermostat to their suggested settings. The convenience of programming temperatures to your liking is also a nice value add.