How To Build The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone wants to fully enjoy the use of their homes these days and who doesn’t wish to spend some of that time outdoors? Having a well developed outdoor space will be an extension of your living space which is certainly handy when you have those get-togethers this summer. Here are some helpful suggestions if you want to create the perfect environment for dinner parties and cookouts. 

Establish your budget

Just like any home project, you will need to decide on your budget and then back track from there. Creating an official outdoor space like this will certainly add value to your home so figure if you will be using savings or even a HELOC to help you afford the improvement. Then solicit some estimates to see if it matches up to your budget.

Select the location 

One of the first logistical steps is to identify the right location. Things to consider should be proximity to your home for any necessary utilities as well as a space that will be accommodating for space and comfort. Give consideration to the elements as well. You won’t want an outdoor kitchen out in the direct blazing sunlight.

Design the layout

Once you have picked the right location then comes the actual design and layout. Be sure to factor in plenty of room for preparing, cooking and dining. Outdoor kitchens are different where you don’t have walls which means you need countertops and furniture to define the space. Will it be L shaped, U shaped or a simple larger counter? If you have the space then you can consider combining your dining with your cooking counter.

Choose quality appliances

Depending on the design that you choose, cooking appliances will play a key role in defining your space. High-quality appliances are the heart of your luxury kitchen somewhat similar to your indoor kitchen so pick the right appliances to be an extension of your cooking habits, interests and taste. The most common outdoor kitchen appliances are typically grills, pizza ovens, side burners, refrigerators and sinks.

Pick cabinetry and furniture

To add value to your luxury outdoor kitchen, complement your space by having creative storage options and high-quality furniture. Common outdoor cabinet materials include stainless steel and PVC for their durability and aesthetic. The summer sun will never fade HDPE cabinets, keeping them chic for longer for a smart material choice. Outdoor patio furniture will work well for your outdoor kitchen space using weather-proof chairs, stools or couches to maximize entertainment, dining and relaxation. Having an outdoor kitchen table may act as the perfect setting for parties, events or family dinners.

Once you have done all of these things, now it is time to enjoy!