7 Popular Home Design Trends

Home design trends evolve and change year to year with some styles holding consistent while others emerge that can sometimes come at a surprise. According to recent information released by Houzz, here are some of the more popular trends that homeowners have been interested in this year. 

Roof Decks

Especially for the city dweller, expanding living space onto rooftops can be an option that comes with spectacular views. Searches for “rooftop terrace” increased 1,500% year over year.

Spacious Bathrooms

Popular designs these days for bathrooms are actually going hand in hand with accessibility. Spacious bathrooms that have larger, curbless showers are becoming more popular. They offer more room and look great while they are also accommodating for those who are looking to age in place. 

Industrial Kitchens

Restaurant kitchens are an inspiration for an easy to clean, durable and stylish look. Searches for “industrial kitchen” increased 41% along with “brick walls” at 93% that can help complete the look.

Entertaining Kitchens

It is no surprise that the kitchen is where everyone congregates when you have guests. Therefore, searches for “large kitchen island with seating” rose 187%, “beverage station” was up 71% and “walk-in kitchen pantry” soared at 2,636%.


Open concepts are very popular these days but there is always a need for some sort of separation. Options for temporary privacy, lower noise levels or even just some visual delineation are necessary. Searches for “living room divider” was up 446% and “shoji screen” increased 60%.

Architectural Ceilings

Getting creative and not neglecting the ceiling as the fifth wall is now a new thing. Searches for ideas such as “high-gloss ceiling” rose 816% while “tongue-and-groove ceiling” was up 74%.

Small Outdoor Spaces

Those with small outdoor spaces have been on the prowl for creative ideas with searches for “small screened-in porch ideas” up 522% and “small plunge pool” up 375%.