The Dos and Don’ts During A Move

Some of us move more often than others, but all of us know that moving day can be overwhelming. You need to do some planning, packing and it can be tough to know exactly what you need and what you don’t. Here are some tips below so you can be efficient and save where you can. 

Use The Right Materials

Using the right materials for packing can save on many things – frustration, stress, time and potentially money! Make sure you have enough boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape and paper so that you can properly protect all of your valuable items and safely transport them to your new home without damage.

Don’t Buy Unnecessary Items

Do your best at calculating how many boxes and materials you will need. Another great way to save money is to ask local stores and supermarkets for boxes they no longer need. As a substitute for expensive packing materials, old newspapers, bed sheets, and towels can be repurposed to wrap and protect your belongings. 

Organize and Reduce Clutter

There is no better time to start whittling down your belongings that you don’t need than during a move. Rather than packing 100% of all of your things, be a little discerning in the moment and start doing a purge. If there are things in the back of your closets that you almost never use or haven’t in over a year, perhaps it is time to sell, donate or throw away. There is no sense in moving things that you don’t need.

Don’t Move Broken or Damaged Belongings

Similar to anything you don’t use or need anymore, don’t move anything that is broken or damaged. Do an audit of all of these things ahead of packing and place all of these things in a designated area. Have a pile for trash, one for donations and one for sale if there is value. 

Hire Professional Movers

Moving is hard enough with all of the planning and packing and you don’t have to do it all alone. If you have friends and family that can help, that is one thing but sometimes it makes sense to leave a big job to the professionals. Especially if you have a lot to move or own things of significant value then it may make sense to pay those who are experts. That will take the guesswork out of what you need, maneuvering a large truck and offering peace of mind during the already stressful process.