Easy Ways To Personalize Your New Home

Everyone knows that when you first move into your new home it is common to want to put your own personal stamp on it to make it feel like it’s yours. Your furniture and belongings will do that to a certain point, but not everyone has the vision to know where to start. Here are some great and simple ways to customize your new home.

Paint Front Door

For a much smaller project than painting the whole house, consider painting the front door with a new color of your personal liking. This will revamp the look but also help put your own taste into the front facade.

Designate an Accent Wall 

If you cannot decide on an idea for changing the color of all of a whole room then just try painting an accent wall. A complementary color will add some interest into a room and be a nice backdrop for some of your own favorite artwork. It is a small project while you try mapping out a new color scheme.

Update Bathroom Fixtures

Not everyone has the money set aside ready to redo a bathroom especially right after buying the home. However, for a fraction of the price of a remodel you could start with elevating the look with some new fixtures. Choose something of your taste for the vanity and perhaps a nice matching rain head for the shower/tub.

Outfit Your Entry Ways

You know what is best for your lifestyle, but customize entryways with what makes your daily life easier. This could be a bench by the door with shoe storage and hooks for keys for example.

Upgrade Light Fixtures

Replacing light fixtures is an easy idea for relatively low cost with high impact. It could be the one for the dining area, added pendants over bar counter seating or even a prominent room’s ceiling fan light combo. Choose something that is more conducive to both your taste and lifestyle.

Window Treatments

The cost of window treatments can really range where on the lower end you could simply upgrade your blinds and curtains with colors and textures that you like. On the higher end you could do plantation shutters for a really refined and timeless look.


Fill up the empty corners and spaces in your home with some life, literally. You can never really go wrong with real, living house plants. These plants come in all shapes and sizes so they are very accommodating for any location that needs some freshening. 

Outdoor Enhancement

Finally, enjoy the outdoors as you would like. It can be relaxing on a hammock, with friends gathered at a fire pit and picnic table or playing games like horseshoes. There are many affordable and easy options to set the stage for how you want to make the yard just the way you want it.