4 Home Updates To Tempt Buyers

As your trusted real estate resource, I know that if you are currently a homeowner, you know how to think like a buyer. When it comes time to sell you will have a good understanding of what buyers will be looking for as you went through the very same thing. While you probably know your home’s strengths and weaknesses, here are several key things you can audit it for when looking to make it more valuable to buyers.

Kitchen Upgrades

Without going crazy there are some creative ways to add value to your kitchen. New cabinet hardware can help uplift the look along with resurfacing the cabinets with a brighter color. Adding or replacing a dated or darker backsplash is also a great trick for a lower cost. Combine that with a modern faucet for better look and function. 

Bathroom Upgrades

Most importantly bathrooms must always be fresh and free of any mildew, mold or water damage so be sure to repair and paint if necessary. Next, for older bathrooms consider replacing the vanity and faucet for one that brings it into current times. Finish it off by adding some new shelving for towels or regularly used items that are nice enough to display.

Upgrade Appliances

Most buyers will first consider your home for its price, then when they tour it will be making notes about costs associated with not only what they want to do, but will have to do. Old, inefficient systems or appliances will certainly be on the list as they have both replacement and operating costs. If any of yours are on their last legs, it may be worth replacing for models that are energy efficient.

Audit The Exterior

Being the first and last thing all buyers will see, make sure nothing stands out as being neglected or needing repair. Trees and shrubs should be well pruned, paint should be in good condition and your front entrance should be nice and welcoming. A fresh coat of paint on the front door along with a new doormat and pot of flowers typically do the trick to set the stage for a clean and updated home.