6 Kitchen Trends to Stand the Test of Time

Most everyone knows that as expensive and exciting as a kitchen renovation can be, we know this overhaul can be quite a large project. Given the time invested and price-tag that is associated, it is important to not only inject your own personal style, but you will also want it to stand the test of time. Here are 6 kitchen trends that will last for years to come. 

Open Shelving

Colored and glass front cabinets have been around for years now, but open shelving offers the benefit of being cost effective as well as eye-catching. It does take some thought to strategically plan so that it is accommodating for your needs, but the install is simple and it will motivate you to keep organized storage. 

Classic Tiles

It is hard to go wrong with classic subway tile as it can be installed in several ways. Choose stacked joints instead of alternating or even do a horizontal install. There are lots of other shapes that won’t be outdated soon too like classic penny or even mosaic tiles. 

Zoned lighting

Lighting is important in any room of the home. However, zoned lighting in the kitchen is especially crucial as you will want good overall lighting, but also the assistance of some task lighting. Choosing things from pendants to under cabinet lighting are great things to add to accomplish this. Best of all you can easily change the fixtures down the road so long as the wiring is in place.  

Limited upper cabinetry

This is a concept that can work for everyone as far as aesthetics go, but understandably not for all with respect to space. The open shelving concept with limited upper cabinetry will provide more of an open, larger and stylish look. Depending on space and needs the amount of open shelving can vary per home. 

Large sink

While years ago a larger sink with a sprayer may have been a luxury, today it has become a standard. Even if you don’t do a lot of dishwashing by hand these sinks are great for your larger pots and pans that don’t fit in the dishwasher. These sinks can also be quite useful with meal prep as well!

Colored appliances

If you are tired of stainless steel appliances that have been around for a while now, consider colorful models instead. These are becoming more popular as an alternative to the stainless, white or black options that have been around for decades. The colorful options are equipped with today’s necessities while they are a nod to the vintage models which are sure to add timeless character to your home.