5 Tips For Making Your Kitchen The Best Room In Your House

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families gather for meals, guests congregate when they visit and where many memories are made. The kitchen is often regarded for one of the rooms that a home’s value is so dependent on as a result. Here are a handful of ideas of how to elevate your kitchen and make it sensational. 

Flowers and Greenery

A very simple way to enhance your kitchen is to add some life to it, literally. Consider adding in some fresh flowers or greenery. Whether it be a vase on a windowsill with fresh flowers or some plants on open shelves or as a centerpiece they will add warmth and maybe even a pleasant fragrance. You can change out flowers seasonally as well to keep things fresh, colorful and season appropriate.


While plain white dishes are timeless and make a blank slate backdrop for your creative meals, consider getting some colorful or patterned plates and bowls. These can be great to have displayed on your open shelves or in your glass cabinets. This here too can even be a seasonal thing. Perhaps you search for some unique pieces or even a holiday themed set for that time of year.

Creative Storage

Storage is always important in any room of the house but especially the kitchen with all of what you need to have in it from cooking utensils to food. Keeping things organized for function and aesthetics is key. Consider creative things like hanging pot racks, under shelf baskets or a magnetic strip for your knives that is visually pleasing but also convenient. Also, using the inside of cabinet doors for things like plastic bag holders, additional dish towels or the like.

The Right Lighting

Having nice ambient lighting is key for any room of the house, but getting that right as well as having important task lighting is what you need when preparing food. Overhead lighting is good especially if on dimmers and having some over the island counter pendant lights can give enough light while adding interest. Under the cabinet lighting is super helpful for much needed task lighting too. Just avoid anything too bright or fluorescent that can really ruin the overall look that you are going for. 

Decorative Accessories 

Artwork and decorative objects can add personality and bring together your kitchen’s design. A framed print or painting can fill an empty wall, while decorative objects like vases, ceramic bowls or sculptures can add dimension and some interesting texture to your space. Be sure to select pieces that complement  both your kitchen’s color scheme and style.