Little Known Things For Making Moving Easier

Moving can be an undertaking and sometimes stressful even if you are super organized. While there is no way to totally remove any of the stress, there are some tricks you can do to make the process go smoother. Here are some tips:

Create a checklist

Creating a list of to dos will help quantify all that is needed to be done and will help you stay on schedule. This should include things like packing, cleaning, setting up utilities, scheduling movers, etc. Put things in order so you can process each step in an organized way.

Change address early on

Doing this early on will help you stay organized and avoid missing any late payments or snafus. It is a great idea to make your list of places to update like mail, credit cards, DMV, etc. 

Use appropriate packing materials

Be sure to use proper packing with your belongings. Yes, you can be creative and use old blankets and the like that you already own in lieu of those you purchase or rent from movers, but avoid using basic trash bags that can easily rip and damage your belongings. Invest in boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap for fragile items. This will save you a headache in the long run.

Donate or sell items

There is no better time to do a purge of belongings than when moving. There is no sense in spending time packing or paying movers to relocate items you no longer need or are broken. Consider donating unwanted items or even selling them to help fund your move.

Label boxes

Make sure you do some simple labeling of what your contents are inside of your boxes. It is helpful for both you and your movers to have first the room that it goes in and then a description of the items inside. Ex. “Kitchen, dishes.”

Copy important papers

It’s never a bad idea to make a copy of any important documents before your move as well. Things like passports, birth certificates and the like are good to have a duplicate of just in case it takes a while to locate them after moving. 

Hire professional movers

Some of us have family and friends that we can employ to assist us with our moves, but these contacts aren’t professionals. Avoid having anything broken or anyone getting injured and get some estimates from some professional movers. There are different tiers of what you can have them do too so you can find what is right for your budget. 

Pack moving day bag

Designate one bag for your essentials to have on hand for moving day. A change of clothes, medications, toiletries, copies of documents, phone charge and the like are just a few ideas of what you should have on your person that day.