What Not to Do When Listing Your Home For Sale

Preparing your home for sale can be a very stressful time as you get ready for your life’s next chapter. You will want to be sure that you cover the basics by decluttering, deep cleaning and staging your home. However, it is possible to do too much with your home. Here is some advice on things to avoid when you list your home for sale. 

Do not over-improve

To get top dollar it is important that your home be updated with things like flooring, modern appliances and fixing any glaring repairs that are necessary. However, there is a point when you don’t want to overdo it. For example, you might not want to install a wall of built-in floor to ceiling bookcases in a bedroom to create the perfect in-home office. There is a very good chance that potential buyers may need to make that a fully functioning bedroom for their family members. 

Don’t hang around 

When your agent alerts you of a showing that is scheduled, make sure to leave the home for that time. This goes for all of your family members, including the dog. If you can’t make arrangements to go too far, you can even go for a walk to let prospective buyers feel at home while they try to envision themselves living there.

Do not over-decorate

Adding too much can be overdoing it when it comes to decorating. When designing your home’s decor, keep things neutral where they warm up the space, but are not too dramatic or specific for anyone’s taste or style.  

Don’t take offense

Don’t forget, the purchase of a home is business. Although emotions get involved sometimes, try not to take things too personally. When a prospective buyer submits a low offer or claims that they will need to redo the master bathroom that is more your taste than theirs, don’t let this bother you while you negotiate.